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This is Socialworx Public Relations.

There’s something to be said about being located in the Heartland of America. We like being right smack-dab in the middle of everything-especially the country. Our clients, relationships and experience spans far and wide.

Because of our work in various industries, we have an advantage in the communities we serve because we know people, a lot of people. Our has relationships with all of the diverse demographics you want to get in front of. WHO SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU? Our communications strategy is mutually beneficial for all of our clients; past, present, and those still on the fence. 

Your public relations partner should be forming a positive public image for you and discovering new partnerships all while practicing traditional media tactics. We do that.

Community is so important to us therefore we’re regularly visiable at marquee events, grand openings, sneak peaks and more. Don’t you think your PR team needs to have those key relationships?  Relationships are key to creating longtime brand ambassadors and moving your bottom line.

What do you want in a strategic partner?

How about a team of talkers, tastemakers, doers, and connectors? A team of go-getters with strong local and national media connections that has the experience that’s needed to get you into the headlines and tell your story to the right audience? A team that is so passionate about creating key relationships that we make it part of our job description? Yes! We want all of that too.

Where will you be in one year if you do nothing? 


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