Repeat, Refine and Reuse…ideas, stories and subject lines from publications past.

Coming up with new pitch ideas is hard and we all run out of creative juices at some point.

Here are a few ideas to give you an inspirational nudge.

Look up editorial calendars from the previous year or go back two years if you can find them. Reuse an old storyline as long as it’s updated and relevant. Use these as inspiration, reuse and reinvent, do not Copywrite. Refine the pitch, the participants, even the outcome, make it relevant to your client or community, and reuse the nuts and bolts to your advantage.

Many print publications repeat their editorial calendars year after year, month after month for trendy topics like healthy eating and exercise to start the new year, spring cleaning, where to take the family for summer vacation, back to school, and of course holidays on a budget.

Start a headline spreadsheet and save articles that made you take a second look. These are the ones you’ll want to recreate.

Media Relations for lifestyle clients can be tough, but use the tools right in front of you. Make the media work for you, not against you. #getitdone