How Would You Like Us to Walk You Through the Same Strategy We Use with Our Clients to Get Them Editorial Coverage and Create Meaningful Partnerships… For Free?

Let’s talk about results for a second: every day we hear from clients who are seeing increased sales and better brand recognition in their communities because of the media hit we’ve been able to secure.

Their website traffic has increased by 70% because more people are hearing about them and seeing them in key publications.

They were just assigned a new board assignment because of the size of their network has increased.

They keep hearing from customers and prospects that they saw them in a trade publication—and want to meet with them..

They have clarity and direction, and they feel confident about what they offer, how they talk about their business, service or product, and how to garner better awareness.

These business owners are getting results, their brand is creating real buzz, they’re seeing increased revenue, their pipeline is filling up—and they are finally feeling like they are in control of their business, and their life.

Like so many of our clients, you’ve worked hard on your business. It’s time for people to know who you are.

My question to you is,

“Are you ready to elevate your business by getting in front of key media sources and engaging with the right people who will help your business grow and create brand buzz?”

If the answer is YES, then I’d love to share with you how we’re getting these kinds of results, and I’d like to share it with you for free.

Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These Three Things:

You want people to know who you are. You know you have a story to tell, but you have no idea how to tell it or who to tell it to. You’ve worked too hard to be stuck in the shadows. You want more buzz. At networking events, you spend your time selling yourself instead of creating meaningful relationships. Right now, you rely on referrals, and they’re either drying up, or they’re not the right fit. You know what you’re capable of doing but you don’t have a process in place to get you there. The media should be calling but they’re not. You want to establish key relationships with movers and shakers in the city, but you don’t know where to find them.


You don’t know what you stand for or what you stand against. You’re stuck and lack confidence. You’re not exactly sure what problem you solve or who you should be working with. You want to build a business that impacts people but you’re overwhelmed with doubt and fear and you’re not sure if you’re doing it the right way. At the end of the day, you feel like you don’t have a purpose and your business is stale. You want to find the right prospects with people who appreciate what you do and understand the value of what you offer.


You spend all day working on projects outside of your wheelhouse because you have to pay the bills, not because you really like doing it. You feel like you’re wasting time. You don’t have a clear direction of where your business is going or who your target audience is. You don’t know how to engage with people in a meaningful way that will benefit your business and therefore you’re not making the profit you feel you deserve. You need to find the best way to talk about your businesses so the qualified leads come pouring in and you can run your business versus letting it run you.

Which one of those speaks to you? Maybe just one, perhaps all three.

The good news is that whichever it is, we can teach you a strategy that will help you make it a reality…

…and we’ll do it for FREE.

Consider this: these are the kinds of results we get for our clients every, single day. If we can do it for them, we can certainly do it for you.

Here’s how to get our help for FREE

We’ve set aside some time to speak with you in the next few days.

We’ll get on the phone for about an hour. On that call, we’ll design a strategy that will specifically help you do any or all of what is mentioned above. The process of building a successful business should be fun.  This business strategy will help you create a business roadmap, set SMART goals and give you the steps you need in order to reach those goals. You don’t have to hire a PR firm to get media (shhh!).

We’ll help you turn your fear into fuel…

…we will teach you how to land media coverage and get the right clients that want what you have.

..we will teach you how to build a powerful brand story, know what your key attributes are worth talking about and how to write a compelling “pitch”, and who to send it to.

…without having to spend your time and money on every single networking event in town just to come home with worthless connections and a $15 bag of Taco Bell… …you will start getting calls from organizations that want to work with you because you will be creating buzz and people will want to know about you.

It’s a bold promise…Building a business is tough, but you’re tougher.

This is for you IF…

You understand the value of PR, but you don’t know how to do it or where to get started. You want to better position your product or service in the market but need help identifying your target market and ideal customer. If you are a business owner that could use a little strategic guidance to take your business to the next level. You want to create a clear, organized path to success through media placements and meaningful relationships – both of which will directly impact your bottom line.

This is not for you if…

You’re comfortable where you are and don’t think stepping outside your comfort zone is important for growth. You don’t see the value in media relations, content creation, social engagement and why creating meaningful relations means more change in your pocket. Your stuck in a business funk but think a couple more caffeine-infused late nights will make everything better because you’re putting in the “time”.

NO more excuses. Investing IN your business is THE smartest decision you will make.  

Think about it for a second…wouldn’t you like to become your brand’s best spokesperson? Does your message align with your goals? We help you take a deep dive into the market and find out where your product or service is most needed.

Wouldn’t you like to create a solid business roadmap that allows you to understand who you will and won’t work with, create content that points in your direction and sets you apart from the competition? Do you truly know what value you provide and

Are you a blender? As in, do you blend in? The only time I want to hear that you “blend” anything is if you’re making me a margarita!

We are very selective about who we’ll speak with, and we have two requirements necessary for us to move forward:

  1. You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and do the work required to get results. If you are willing to set aside your doubts, your “I’m not sure” attitude and are willing to adopt a “boss” mentality, this is for you…if you want to nail down your elevator speech, pitch your story to key media outlets and want to website traffic and leads while you sleep, let’s talk.

But, if you’re someone who’s looking for someone to do the work for you, are a complainer, are an expert at making excuses, or someone who won’t make time to dive in, all in, this is not for you. Let’s not waste each other’s time.

  1. You must be a forward-thinker. You must be a go-getter, a business owner who will follow directions. That means you’re coachable, motivated, and accountable. If you’re not motivated to learn new tactics and want to keep doing what you’ve done in the past, then, don’t read any further. Do you give up easily? Are you risk-averse? If so, this is not a good program for you.

That’s it! If you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good. We are going to share our proprietary process with you so please don’t mess around.

What do you do now?

I know you’ve met the criteria because you’re still reading. So let’s talk about moving your business out of the shadows. I’d like to set time aside to speak candidly with you.

Head over to my calendar and schedule an appointment time that works best for you.

From there I’ll send you an application form. Just a few questions…I want to make our time together is informative and that I’m able to get to the nitty-gritty of what your problem areas are.

That’s it!  The initial call will go 45 minutes, and it will be the best time you have ever spent working ON your business.


I’ve not yet opened this class up to the public. I’ve hand-selected you for this offer. It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than 10 people at a time so if you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, click here, book a time, fill out an application, and let’s talk!

Let’s make it happen, together.