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We help YOU tell your best kept secrets, while creatively networking YOU within your community so YOU can grow your organization. Ultimately, we help brands sustain for the future. 

SWPR is an integrated lifestyle, public and social relations media firm. We specialize in all things PR, which in today's world that means we do integrated marketing, community networking (or what we call social relations), influencer relations, social media, create compelling content and strategic brand building. 

Clients range from restaurants, retail and hospitality, to beauty, finance, tech, startups, nonprofits and niche lifestyle clientele. We are part of your team, driving strategy and employing innovative ideas to achieve your goals.

Who do you need to be in front of? Who do you want to talk to?


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Industry Expertise

Kansas City. Public Relations. Sangria. Adult Beverages. Libations. Happy Hour

Restaurant, Culinary, adult beverage

Our team has been involved in every aspect of the food, restaurant, alcohol industries - from serving, bartending, to management, sales, grand openings and menu launches. Working with James Beard Award winning chefs and their teams gives us a "foodie" attitude. Working with century old distilleries as well as those just starting out, gives us a hungry, go-get-em' work ethic. We've successfully been able to position multiple brands across varied demographics in all regions of the country. 

Finance, tech, Startup & therapy services

Working with financial institutions, centers that offer services to children, to startups that who were still a doodle on a napkin and household names established a century ago, whoever you are, we can help. Finding a unique angle in every business allows us to connect you with influencers, decision makers and key public figures, turning leads into exposure, and of course, more business. 

Kansas City PR. Hospitality. Hotel. Public Relations. Luxury. Lifestyle. Hotel Phillips. Downtown Kansas City

hotel, hospitality & retail

Let's get cozy. Do you need help elevating your brand to the next level to the locals as well as the out-of-town crowd? Our unique approach to hospitality and retail makes your business unique not only to the locals, but to those visitors who seek out a next-level experience. Whether you're an established hotel or a retail boutique with niche clientele, our combination of both media and social relations will help you find your voice while allowing you to connect to those who matter. We put you into key conversations where your brand needs to be. 

Family. Children. Mom. Dad. Kansas City family. Kanas City PR. Family Fun. Apraxia. Children's Therapy.

Family, Children

We're parents. We're moms and dads, brothers and sisters so working with family friendly brands is personal to us. Whether you create coloring books, illustrate kids books or menu designs, offer therapy or specialized services, SWPR has experience in working with precious cargo. The cute stuff. The fluffy stuff. All things color and imagination. Being a kid at heart is A-OK with us.



Yoga. Healthy life. Pilates. Kansas City PR firm. exercise.

style, wellness, fashion & beauty

From med spas to yoga studios, to launching a new FDA approved beauty treatment, our lifestyle and wellness clients have continously secured top media placements. Always following lifestyle trends across all platforms, we're able to tap into this market in several different ways, getting clients where they want to be. We are where you are; we do what you do and we extend the life of your brand through conversations and strategic communications.


Business Strategy. Kansas City business. Business development. Public Relations. Social Relations. PR. Social media.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires advice from people who are deeply entrenched and have experienced it first hand. Our team gives you an holistic approach, can skill you on how to leverage editorial coverage on your own and what to shy away from. Our Tiered Services is a great place to start if you're just starting out. 


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